Darkstalkers Resurrection dated for March

With love in the air and catgirls on its mind, Capcom today announced that revamp double-pack Darkstalkers Resurrection will arrive for download in March, hitting PlayStation 3 on the 12th and Xbox Live Arcade on the 13th. Bringing jazzed-up versions of the original Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3, it'll cost $15.

First hitting the arcades in 1994, the Darkstalkers series aims to answer the immortal question: who would win in a fight between a Frankenstein and a Dracula? It boasts a range of mythological and legendary characters, including a catgirl, merman, sasquatch, and rockstar zombie.

The pair of vintage fighters have been reworked with tutorial challenges to work out your 'skillz', GGPO netcode (improved since earlier revamps with region matching, ping display, and more), replay sharing and YouTube uploading, and, as is customary for Capcom's fighting game revamps, a selection of graphical filters to make the game ugly.

If you do want to send catgirl and werewolf Valentine's Day cards, Capcom has your back.