DmC: Devil May Cry 'Bloody Palace' coming next week

DmC: Devil May Cry's promised Bloody Palace mode is coming next week, Capcom has announced. The free update will be available on Tuesday, February 19 on the PlayStation 3, and then on Wednesday, February 20 on Xbox 360. No word was given on the PC version, which launched shortly after the console versions.

The Capcom Unity blog post that detailed the dates also outlined a patch, coming the same dates, to address "a few major pieces of fan feedback." Among them, Poison is getting a little smarter, Dante can't angel glide forever, and non-damaging moves no longer reward style points. The update will also increase damage done by the weakest enemies, and to all enemies on the Nephilim and Son of Sparda modes. All in all it sounds like the update will be making the game more challenging.