Tribes: Ascend 'Game of the Year Edition' coming Friday

The fast-paced multiplayer shooter Tribes: Ascend is nearing the year-old mark, and Hi-Rez Studios is rolling out a "Game of the Year Edition" of the free-to-play game. It will launch on Friday, February 15.

The set grants you all nine classes, more than 100 weapons, and all 21 perks in one go. It includes all of the weapon and perk DLC from the 10 previous expansions, along with a new Shocklance weapon. It will hit Steam for a "discount price" of $29.99, so we can expect the price to go up sometime after. If you're already a VIP, you can grab it for $19.99.

Friday will also see the addition of six new maps (three CTF/Blitz, three Arena), two cosmetic skins, and the Shocklance weapon for individual purchase. The game is also getting an extensive patch with some bug fixes and balance adjustments.

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