Warner Bros Montreal developing DC Comics action/adventure game

Warner Bros Games Montreal is apparently developing a new game set in the "DC Comics universe," kicking off speculation that it's the studio taking the helm of the new Batman Arkham game. The game is said to be a "AAA action/adventure" title, so all of the pieces would seem to fit the purported Arkham prequel.

Job listings for a producer and creative director (via VideoGamer) outed the project, said to "[expand] the DC Comics universe in the interactive space." A now-missing tweet from senior producer Ben Mattes also reportedly teased a big announcement in 2-3 months.

We got wind of a new Batman Arkham game just yesterday, after Time Warner mentioned it in an earnings call. Unnamed sources claimed Rocksteady isn't spearheading this game, which would leave the door open for Montreal to take the lead. Meanwhile, the references to expanding the DC Comics universe could reference earlier rumors that this game will be a Silver Age prequel, allowing Batman to team up with other DC heroes. It seems either Montreal is heading up the next Batman title, or we'll have two DC games in the near future.