ShootMania Storm open beta now live

TrackMania developer Nadeo's multiplayer FPS ShootMania Storm was supposed to launch in January, but publisher Ubisoft delayed it for a bit of extra polish. To get more feedback, and more publicity, it also announced an open beta test, which went live yesterday. To star fragging, download the 1.24GB client here at Shacknews.

ShootMania Storm is something of a return to the FPS days of yore, with fast movement, deadly guns, and none of that weapon unlocking nonsense. And, as part of Nadeo's ManiaPlanet system, it has an easy-to-use level editor. The community has already made over 25,000 maps.

The open beta offers most of ShootMania's modes, though certain unspecified features will only be available for people who've pre-ordered.

ShootMania Storm is now due to launch for PC on April 10. It'll cost $19.99 but is only $15.99 to pre-order, or cheaper if you buy more copies.