Superfrog HD coming from Team17

In its never-ending mission to exhume former glories and make them dance like puppets strung up with wire, Worms and Alien Breed creator Team17 today announced that it's remaking its 1993 platformer Superfrog for PlayStation 3 and Vita. Superfrog HD will leap onto PlayStation Network later this year.

Superfrog, like many platformers of its era, stars a slightly eerie anthropomorphic animal rather than a man with an untucked shirt. He runs; he jumps; he collects coins and fruit: it's a platformer. It first came out for the Amiga in 1993, later hopping onto Amiga CD32 and PC. You can buy that PC port from GOG for $5.99, if you're curious.

"We're extremely excited about bringing Superfrog HD to PS3 and PS Vita; it's the most requested game that our fans are always requesting to see make a return," Team17 managing director Debbie Bestwick said in today's announcement. "Now, with the 20th anniversary of the original Superfrog and the recent re-release of our classic survival-horror Alien Breed, we feel the timing has never been better."

Team17 hasn't shared any screenshots or anything yet, but here's some character art.