'Leadership' cited for Medal of Honor: Warfighter woes

The dismal reception for Medal of Honor: Warfighter and its predecessor forced publisher Electronic Arts to put the franchise on hold. The company places the blames squarely on its shoulders, saying that leadership was at issue, not a glut of World War II games.

"I think a key part of this is having the right amount of high-quality production talent," EA Chief Creative Director Rich Hilleman told RPS. "And we didn't have the quality of leadership we needed to make [Medal of Honor] great. ... In the long term, we have to make sure we don't kill those products by trying to do them when we can't do them well."

He said that the company is focused on Battlefield for now as "the one great thing in that space," but said the series should eventually make a return. "We don't think its a genre problem," he said. "It's an execution problem. We don't think Medal of Honor's performance speaks to any particular bias in that space against modern settings or World War II or any of that. It's much more that we had some things we should've done better."