Camp Keepalive demo: turn-based 80s horror movie

Sure, you've saved alien races, conquered medieval Europe, and vanquished the Nazis a dozen times over, but do you have the turn-based strategy chops to defend a summer camp from the horrors lurking in the woods? Twofold Secret today launched a demo of Camp Keepalive, a TBS inspired by 1980s horror movies.

Camp Keepalive puts you in charge of a team of four counsellors with powers to help ward off the nasties, from slaying monsters to rallying campers. Their parents would be awfully unhappy if their little dumpling were chainsawed or bitten by a werewolf, after all.

The demo packs a tutorial and the survival mode, with endless amounts of spoiled brats to rescue. The finished version will offer more monsters and counsellors, and the multi-map Camp mode where, Twofold says, "your every decision could come back to haunt you."

Download the demo for PC or Mac from the official site. Or, grab the demo from Shacknews for Windows or Mac.