Star Wars: The Old Republic teases 1.7 update

Star Wars: The Old Republic is preparing to roll out its 1.7 update, giving the game a fresh in-game event and a new aspect of character progression. The "Relics of Gree" event kicks off with the update tomorrow and lasts through February 26, while the new "Galactic Reputation" system is here to stay.

The "Relics of Gree" event involves a mysterious and ancient starship suddenly making an appearance over Ilum. Something has taken over the Gree ship, and they promise advanced weapons and armor to anyone who helps them take it back. Meanwhile, the "Galactic Reputation" system lets you build Reputation points by performing tasks for various factions. You can advance through six ranks of prestige: Outsider, Newcomer, Friend, Hero, Champion, and Legend. This reputation is also shared among your Legacy.

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