StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm trailer details multiplayer options

Playing real-time strategy games competitively online can be downright terrifying, so StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm hopes to ease players in gently. A new video shows off the redesigned multiplayer menu system and various helper systems intended to stop you from swearing off multiplayer forever after two placement matches, not to mention the options and goals for people who already know their micro from their macro and can run through builds in their sleep.

Rather than throw a whole load of options at players, Blizzard's expansion arranges the menus so there's a clear progression from training to ranked matchmaking. Training is a new mode played against AI which offers successive small goals to teach the basics, introducing more and more units and speeding up play as you progress.

Community manager 'Cloaken' also goes into the leveling system, which unlocks portraits, decals, skins and dance animations as you rack up more XP from wins.

Look, rather than recap the entire video, I'll set you loose to see for yourself, and admire Kerrigan's telekinetic powers in the new main menu background: