Leviathan: Warships sails asynchronous strategy onto PC and mobile

The joys of asynchronous turn-based naval warfare are coming to PC, Mac, iOS and Android with cross-platform play in Leviathan: Warships. Pleasant PC publisher Paradox Interactive today announced the game by Pieces Interactive, which puts you and your chums in charge of a customisable flotilla to duke it out on the high seas in co-op and competitive multiplayer.

Leviathan boasts 11 ship types and 16 weapons, so you can create the flotilla of your dreams before setting sail. Each hull and weapon costs a certain number of points and you're working within a limit, so you have to carefully plan a balanced force, like in Warhammer 40K or other tabletop wargames.

Up to four players can sail together on challenge maps or the co-op campaign, or you can just blow the heck out of each other. It'll also support offline play.

Leviathan: Warships is slated to launch some time this year. Hit the official site for more.

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