Redbox Instant coming to Xbox 360

That Netflix box in your living room--you know, the white one with the green ring--is getting more streaming video with Verizon's Redbox Instant. The movie streaming service will be exclusive to Xbox 360 amongst consoles, launching "in the very near future."

Redbox Instant membership offers both streaming movies and four one-night credits for rentals from Redbox kiosks, charging $8 per month for DVDs or $9 for Blu-rays. Obviously you'll need Xbox Live Gold membership on top of that to stream onto your Xbox 360.

It'll also sell downloads of movies, which people won't need a Redbox subscription to buy.

If you're already in the Redbox Instant beta, you should receive a code to access the Xbox 360 app "in the coming days," Microsoft's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb says. If you're not, hey, you can sign up for the beta and hope you'll get in.

Update: A Redbox representative told Shacknews that while Xbox 360 has console exclusivity on Redbox Instant for now, "our goal is to be on all the devices that consumers use to access their entertainment which we hope includes additional gaming consoles." The service is currently in beta on web, mobile, tablet, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TVs, and Blu-ray players.