SOE shutting down F2P FPS Bullet Run

All reality shows are inevitably cancelled once the novelty wears off, and bloody reality game show FPS Bullet Run is no different. Publisher Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it'll shut down the free-to-play FPS, developed by Acony and originally named Hedone, on March 8. Because it's an online-only affair, that'll be it, no more Bullet Run for anyone.

"After much review and consideration, Acony Games and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) have mutually made the decision to discontinue development on the free-to-play FPS game, Bullet Run," says the announcement. "As a result, SOE and Acony will sunset the game and end all game services for Bullet Run on March 8, 2013. We would like to thank the players for their dedication and support of the game."

While Acony will keep the game code, "at this time there is no plan to relaunch the game," and Sony has control of the account data anyway. The forums and website will shut down too, casting what remains of the Bullet Run community to the four winds.

People who've paid the optional subscription fee for Platinum membership will be refunded money for however much time is left after the shutdown in March.

Bullet Run was a fairly standard free-to-play FPS, really, but had the cosmetic twist of being set up as a violent reality show where people murder each other for fame and fortune. This also meant you could dress your character up in strange and wonderful ways, which is what really matters.

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