First Skyrim DLC for PS3 coming February 12

PlayStation 3 owners waiting to experience the new additions to Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can finally get excited. After Bethesda confirmed that the game's three DLC packs were coming in February, the publisher finally has nailed down the dates.

Dragonborn, the latest of the DLC launched, will be coming on February 12, with the smaller Hearthfire coming a week later on February 19. Finally, Dawnguard will be released on February 26. Bethesda reiterated that all PS3 users who buy the content will get it at a 50 percent discount to make up for the delay.

Prior to the DLC, the 1.8 title update is expected to hit. The update has cleared North American certification by Sony, and Bethesda is just waiting for the OK from Sony Europe to launch it all together.