Injustice: Gods Among Us' story finally revealed

"What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat?" That is the tagline that sells Injustice: Gods Among Us, NetherRealm Studios' DC Universe brawler. For months, we've seen Superman duke it out with Batman--but why? What could possibly cause all these heroes (and villains) to go all Mortal Kombat on each other? BOOM video 14592 Spoiler Alert! A new trailer reveals a threat by the Joker to detonate a nuclear bomb at the heart of Metropolis. However, it's not just a threat. In the very opening moments of the game, you see that he's made good on his word. The story of Injustice will be told achronologically, jumping between the future and the past. In the game's intro cinematic, you'll see a distraught Joker at the mercy of Superman. The clown revels in his success, killing not only Lois Lane, but Superman's unborn son. Batman attempts to calm the superhero, but it fails--Superman kills the Joker by punching through his chest. After that introduction, the story jumps to before Joker could detonate the bomb. Batman is the focus of the game's first chapter, which has him starting his investigation of Joker's escape. After a fight with Deathstroke, the story continues into space, where Batman must fight Lex Luthor. Taking a page from Mortal Kombat, once Batman's chapter ends, the story will go on to another character, revealing more on why these characters are duking it out. It's not surprising that Superman has gone evil. What is more surprising, however, is the characters that appear to have turned "good" in an effort to take down Superman and his Superfriends' totalitarian regime. While ultimately, the story of Injustice merely serves as an excuse to have these heroes brawl, this unique twist on the DC Universe should entice any comic book fan. Injustice: Gods Among Us will be available on Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360 on April 16.

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