ShootMania Storm delayed, open beta coming

ShootMania Storm was supposed to launch on PC tomorrow, but it won't. Publisher Ubisoft has delayed the first build-o-FPS from TrackMania developer Nadeo until April 10 to polish it up, see, and plans to hold an open beta test so you, me, and everyone else who enjoys shooting faces on the Internet can offer our thoughts. ShootMania has run a closed beta for pre-orderers for some time now, but come February 12 we'll all be let in to run and jump and shoot and sing. If you take a shine to it, you'll still be able to pre-order at the discount price of $15.99. Or even do that now, if you've only just heard about ShootMania yet fallen madly in love with it and must have it. "Nadeo's model of development has always been to be very close to the community," Nadeo Live managing director Anne Bondel-Jouin said in today's announcement. "Following the release of the Beta 2 in December, we received a tremendous amount of information from the very active ShootMania community. For a living, online multiplayer title like this the work is never done, but these extra few weeks will allow us to polish the game further and release it to the level of quality we think our players deserve."

Two consolatory new screenshots with no resemblance to the view you'll see in-game