StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm opening cinematic invades

The second chapter of the StarCraft 2 trilogy kicks off on March 12 with the launch of SC2: Heart of the Swarm, but you can have a peek at how that starts today as Blizzard has released the opening cinematic. Kerrigan may be de-Zergified now, but is she beyond the pull of The Swarm?

Blizzard blurbs:

Sarah Kerrigan is on the loose. Even without the terrible powers of the Queen of Blades or the might of the Swarm at her command, the former Ghost remains a foe not to be taken lightly. But if the artifact really did set her free, then why is Kerrigan seeking out Zerg broods scattered throughout the Koprulu sector? Is she still pursuing her quest for vengeance, or has her transformation given Kerrigan a new purpose?

If you want HotS now now now, certain retailers offer beta access with pre-orders. Amazon will get it to you in about a week, while Blizzard's own pre-order invites go out in waves.

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