Project X Zone coming to 3DS this summer

Project X Zone (pronounced "Project Cross Zone") is coming to 3DS this summer, Namco Bandai has announced. The tactical RPG takes characters across multiple franchises from multiple publishers: Capcom, Sega, and Namco Bandai, making it one of the most exhaustive cross-overs ever created in video games. The roster includes characters from Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Tales of Vesperia, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, and more. A peek at the game's Wikipedia page should give you some idea how difficult it must have been to deal with all the licensing rights. Project X Zone also gives these three publishers a chance to do right by their most vocal fans. Capcom loyalists will finally be able to play a new game featuring Old Dante and Mega Man. Sega fans will get their first (and likely only taste) of Valkyria Chronicles 3. Namco fans will be stupefied by the inclusion of characters from the long-forgotten .hack franchise. Who knew a single game could appease so many people? The game will be available exclusively on 3DS this summer.

Project X Zone