Rumor: Sony considering biometrics, touch screen for Orbis (PS4) controller

Yet another Orbis rumor has surfaced, suggesting that the next PlayStation console will include biometric sensors and/or a touch screen. CVG claims a "senior games studio source working on an upcoming Sony game" says Sony has been experimenting with a number of controller designs. According to the report, the long-standard DualShock controller will not be a "primary controller" for the upcoming console, but "it is likely that the range of PS3 controllers will be compatible with the next-gen system." While CVG initially posted the rumor, Eurogamer claims that a separate source has confirmed its validity. Adding more weight to the rumor is Sony's 2011 patent for biometric controllers. One implementation of the controller (seen above) largely resembles a DualShock, but includes sensors built-in to read skin moisture, heart rhythm, and muscle movement. Another concept (seen below) looks more like a Wii U GamePad, with its large touch screen. It's clear that Sony is experimenting with a number of possibilities for their next-gen console. However, the company has yet to officially confirm their next-gen ambitions.

Could this be PS4's controller?