Halo 4 Spartan Ops continues January 21

343 Industries has treated Halo 4's "Spartan Ops" like a television show, right down to a mid-season hiatus. They've been rerunning episodes in the off-time to give new players a chance to catch up. That break ends next week, though, which will begin a new set of five episodes to finish out the first season. Episode 6 will provide you with more co-op action on January 21.

The five episodes will last through February 24, when 343 will presumably take another break. The company hasn't confirmed or given a time frame a second season for Spartan Ops, but it stands to reason that one will be coming along eventually. The question is whether the new episodes will remain free or if they'll start becoming paid DLC.

If it keeps hewing this close to the TV model, though, we fully expect surprise weddings and wacky childbirth scenes to happen sometime around sweeps week. Check out the teaser trailer below.

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