Dead or Alive 5+ offers PS3-Vita connectivity

Dead or Alive 5+ is coming to Vita in March. And like many Vita ports of PS3 games, it includes connectivity with the console version of the game.

Crucially, the Vita and PS3 versions can play against each other. Through "Cross Play," you'll be able to fight online against opponents on either platform. And Team Ninja promises that battles will run at 60fps on both systems.

The game will also support "Cross Goods," much like the Street Fighter games on Vita. That means whatever DLC you purchase for one version will be unlocked for the other. As noted on the PlayStation.Blog, "we will have delivered over 100 costumes as DLC by the end of this month." Yikes.

Finally, there will be "Cross Save," which should be pretty self-explanatory. But, DOA5 is missing one crucial feature which will probably prevent many from enjoying all these features: this is not a "Cross-Buy" game, meaning you'll have to buy both versions separately.