Leisure Suit Larry bundle hits GOG

Why do you like Leisure Suit Larry? I understand why you did, back in the day, but why do you continue to like it? Why did you buy enough of them for too many sequels to be made, let alone a spin-off starring Larry's nephew and a sequel to that, why have you backed a Kickstarter for a remake of the first game, and then voted to get that on Steam? And why are you excited that GOG today re-released a bundle of vintage Larry games? You, yes you, you personally, you.

The 500th item to hit GOG's catalogue is the Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits and Misses collection, which offers the first five of Sierra's adventure games (1-3, then 5 and 6, technically: 4 is a 'lost' game as an in-joke) for $9.99. You also get the text adventure game which inspired the first Leisure Suit Larry, Softporn Adventure.

Granted, some of the Leisure Suit Larry games were genuinely good adventure games back in the day, but please, you can't continue to support this. What if they make another game starring his nephew? And another? And another? And the remakes continue and continue? There are loads of new video games you could buy, and it's not even remotely difficult to make pornography appear on your computer nowadays.