World Series of Poker: Full House Pro announced for XBLA, Windows 8

"Gotta win 'em all, poker man!" That's how I'd market a poker game, anyway. But Microsoft, for whatever reason, has instead chosen to buddy up with the World Series of Poker to slap its name on an official poke 'em up for Xbox Live Arcade and Windows 8. Coming this Spring, World Series of Poker: Full House Pro will be free-to-play.

Poker is a card game, where players aim to hold good cards in their 'hand' to win money. WSoP: FHP will give you a stack of free poker chips every day to gamble, but one imagines you'll be able to buy more with actual cash money. Microsoft's a bit coy about what exactly will cost money in the free-to-play model, but mentions players "personalizing their experience" with avatar accessories, chip tricks, and real-world casino layouts.

It'll pack cross-platform play, letting pokerteers continue the same game across their Xbox and Windows 8 doodads. Except single- and multiplayer, going from simple one-off tables to big fancy tournaments, with leaderboards and all that jazz. Pipeworks is developing.

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