Dead Space 3 'Dev Team Edition' announced, costs $160

Dead Space 3 has formally announced its special pricey package for franchise fans to get the game with some bonuses. It includes some physical items that resemble in-game props, but the price of the extras? A hundred bucks.

The Dev Team Edition (via Polygon) includes a tin Collector's Case, a journal from Dr. Serrano, a flip book data pad with image sets to serve as a replica prop, a 14 oz. water bottle modeled after the game's med-pack, an eight-inch Marker statue, a 96-page art book, three 5x10 inch posters, and six 3.75x6 inch postcards.

The $160 version includes the Limited Edition goodies that come with the first run of the game. But EA also offers a $100 set sans game, just in case you've already pre-ordered it elsewhere or plan on buying the game digitally.

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