Resident Evil: Revelations getting console release, leaked achievements reveal

Yet another Resident Evil game is set to hit the HD consoles, a new list of leaked achievements reveal. According to X3A.org, Resident Evil: Revelations is coming to Xbox 360.

Revelations originally released on 3DS last year, promising to combine the behind-the-shoulder gameplay of modern Resident Evil games with the more methodical pacing of classic entries in the franchise. Capcom's experiment was largely successful, with our own review pointing out that "when it sticks to horror, few survival horror games feel better than Resident Evil Revelations," even if the game is "inconsistent."

Given the title's slate of 50 achievements and 1000 Gamerscore, it appears Revelations will be a full retail release when it lands on Xbox 360. And while a PS3 list of trophies has yet to be discovered, it seems likely the game will also hit that platform. The original 3DS title was developed on Capcom's multi-platform MT Framework engine, which should make porting the game rather easy.

An HD re-release of Revelations was one of the games mentioned in a Capcom survey released late last year, giving hope that other games mentioned can also have hope at finding release.