Cyberpunk 2077 trailer shows psycho girl gone wild

Update: Includes comments from the developer found in hidden message at the end of the trailer.

CD Projekt Red already had us intrigued with the thought of a Cyberpunk 2020-style game teleported some 57 years into the future. But its first teaser for Cyberpunk 2077 showing a bloodied blonde with alien-like augments kneeling in the middle of a mass of bodies just raised this game quite high on my want-to-play list. Oh, and bullets shatter on her face.

The trailer highlights the premise of the game where humans become addicted to cybernetics and eventually rebel against their biological "meatbag" existence. When these humans go nuts, as the blonde apparently has, the Psycho Squad is called in to bring them down. There is a hint that the woman may be recruited as a new member of the team. The song, "Bullets" by Archive, is a perfect fit for the video.

A bit more was revealed about the setting for the game as well, detailing Night City and a new addiction called the braindance, where people relive the actions and emotions of other people through what is essential a DVR augmentation for the brain. All the exhilaration without the effort.

In a message hidden near the end of the video, CD Projekt acknowledges that this is just a teaser and that they are working on a "proper trailer" for sometime in the future. The release of the open-world game is still way off, as the developer said it is still building its team for the game.

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