MechWarrior Tactics launches closed beta, founders packages available

MechWarrior Tactics has entered its closed beta phase, and if you don't want to wait to luck your way into entry, you can just purchase it with the newly-launched Founders Program. The founders packages start at $20, and each of them grants access to the beta starting today.

The Founders program comes in three flavors: Veteran, Elite, and Legendary. Veteran costs $20 and grants you $25 of in-game currency, two Seventh Kommando units, four decals, a Veteran rank badge, and a one-month Lance tier Premium Account at launch to earn more XP, scrap, and bills. The Elite costs $50, sweetens the pot with $60 of in-game currency, and adds two chassis, two skins, an Elite badget, and two months of Company tier premium access. Finally the Legendary costs $120, and ups the ante with $100 in-game currency, four units, four chassis, four skins, the four decals, a Legendary badge, and two months of a Battalion Tier account. All of the in-game items won't be available until the game's official launch.

The game is planned to launch later this year, and will be free-to-play once it does. You can find more info at the official site (which is down for maintenance as of time of writing), or read our preview for more details.