Clash of Heroes coming to iOS on January 24

Puzzle-RPG hybrid Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is coming to iOS devices this month, for much cheaper than it appeared on other platforms. The HD version of the game that was ported to PC and consoles in 2011 will pretty up your Retina display on January 24 for $4.99.

The match-3 game has you forming up similar unit types to make ranks of soldiers who will then charge to an equally stacked opposing force. If you've played Capybara's equally charming Critter Crunch, imagine that with elves and magic. The game's HD conversion received a positive reception, and five bucks is a good deal less expensive than the other HD versions of the game, even if Joystiq reports that its current state has a pre-release bug or two. An Android version will follow, but no date has been set.