Corpse Party: Book of Shadows celebrating on PSP next week

Invited to a party! Ooh, how exciting! Your party frock is so pretty and you've brought such a thoughtful gift, but... why do half the guests have blank faces? And why are they eating people? There's no such party, of course, this is purely a lie I've told to introduce the news that publisher Xseed has confirmed horrifying PSP adventure sequel Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will hit next week.

Book of Shadows is an adventure game/visual novel packing eight spooky standalone chapters, some featuring characters from the first Corpse Party. The terrifying tales revolve around a high school, which do seem to be the source of an awful lot of horror in Japan.

Why a PSP release in 2013? Well, Book of Shadows originally came out in Japan in 2011, before the original even came out in North America. I suppose it's called 'vintage' now. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will hit the PlayStation Network on January 15, priced at $19.99.

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