Dead Space 3 trailer yells Kinect commands

Sure, you could press A to revive your pal in Dead Space 3's co-op mode, but wouldn't it be quicker and easier to say "Revive partner!" to your Kinect? No, of course not. Still, Visceral's scary shooter supports that Kinect jiggery-pokery, as a new video shows off. Gasp, as the possibility of forgetting which command's button is replaced with the slower nuisance of forgetting its wording.

Visceral had considered using Kinect for interesting things like snapping photos of your terrified little face at scary moments or tracking cuss words but no, in the end it went for 'commands which are mostly quicker and easier with buttons.' Still, sharing ammo and health packs with your chum by yelling is probably easier than fighting through a menu.

Dead Space 3 is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 5, preceded by a console demo. That hits on January 22, though Xboxeers can get in a week early by signing up. Here, watch the Kinect video then check out our recent preview:

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