Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter ends hitting stretch goals

Frontier Developments was awfully ambitious in asking for a whopping £1,250,000 (around $2 million) in crowd-funding to make Elite: Dangerous. Even with a two-month funding period--double the length of your typical video game Kickstarter--it only hit that goal with 52 hours left. Still, a flurry of pledges in the final days not only shoved it across the line, but brought in enough dough to fund a Mac edition and extra ships too.

Frontier's Kickstarter campaign ended on Friday with £1,578,316 ($2.5 million), and at least another £25k ($40k) in direct pledges. This means we'll see a Mac version too, which is tentatively slated to hit 3 months after the PC launch, and another 10 playable ships, making 25 in total.

Elite: Dangerous is the long, long-awaited next game in Frontier's classic space sim series, plonking players into a procedurally-generated universe to do whatever they jolly well please. From simply exploring to committing space-piracy upon the high skies, you get to roam around and interact with a universe simulating economic and political systems and all that jazz.

It's tentatively slated to launch in March 2014. Look, a recent-ish teaser trailer: