Late Night Computing: January 4, 2013

Hello, jerks. Welcome to Late Night Computing for January 4, 2013.

Did I just call you a jerk? Well, I called you boring last night, too. How do you like them apples? What are you going to do about it? Leave a comment? I dare you. Maybe even leave one in jolly cooperation! Even though I've been Assassin's Creed III, I've been pining to get back to Dark Souls again. I finished the game once and yet, it still has this hold on me. Why yes, I do enjoy punishing myself, why do you ask?

News bits:

  • Did you enjoy the short but wonderful FTL soundtrack? See how its composer created the interstellar album. [via Ben Prunty]

  • Test your hand at this rather difficult Winnie the Pooh game, though it is in Japanese. Be warned. [via Yahoo! Japan]

  • Adrian Peterson, running back for the NFL's Minnesota Vikings, on why he admires professional gamers. [via Forbes]

  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is apparently on the way out, as the most popular server hubs continue to lose their user populations. I'll never leave, though. [via Pingdom]

  • Every Tweet you've ever made through the year 2010 is now part of the Library of Congress. Congratulations, Internet!. [via TheNextWeb]

Chatty posts of the moment:

Make sure you log-in and check your filters if you can't see the following:

  • "What oldie-but-goodie games have you snagged from the Steam sale? I bought Manhunt, Rockstar's stealth, snuff-themed game from 2003, for $5. I love this game. Sure, it's depraved, but the atmosphere, stealth, and gun mechanics are topnotch. Manhunt might be my favorite R* game, actually." [by David Craddock]

  • "SECOND TO LAST DAY TO VOTE!!!!!! Shacknews Community Game of the Year 2012 Thread!" [by Fenring42]

Nightly file:

  • Transcendence version 1.10 for Windows. "Alone at the edge of Human Space, a Viking-class gunship approaches. Mistaking you for a harmless craft, the Viking attacks, but its thin hull is no match for the blast of your slam cannon. Looting the Viking's wreck, you consider your path. The next system is filled with Slavers and your armor needs repair. Push on towards the Core or backtrack to a safe port?

    Domina awaits you at the Galactic Core and with her hangs the fate of the Galaxy. Will her powers be enough to overcome the ancient malevolence known as Oracus? And what role will you play? Leaving the floating wreck behind, you thrust towards the stargate at the edge of the system. Your journey continues." Download the free game here.


MLB 13: The Show first look trailer:

It's that time of year, where professional baseball dusts off their cleats to hit the green once more for MLB 13: The Show.

BOOM video 14457

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