Dungeon Keeper-ish War for the Overworld secures Kickstarter funding

We may never get a third Dungeon Keeper game, but something awfully similar is coming following a successful crowdfunding campaign. Let's generously say inspired by the Bullfrog classic, War for the Overworld is due to bring the giddying thrill of being an evil dungeon overlord to PC in August.

Okay, no, let's be more honest: it is Dungeon Keeper. But it's okay, DK creator Peter Molyneux is totally okay with it. "Dungeon Keeper has to be remade. It has to be remade by people who love it," Molyneux said. "And the Kickstarter campaign War for the Overworld is the campaign to support if you want to see Dungeon Keeper back."

Developer Subterranean Games' Kickstarter campaign closed yesterday with £211,371 (around $340,000), beating the goal of £150,000 (240k-ish), but it's still accepting direct pledges to get the very last few thousand dollars to hire the chap who voiced the narrator in Bullfrog's original. If you fancy helping out, at least £10 ($16) will get you a copy of the finished game. £15 ($24) gets you access to a beta build from March, too.

Dungeon Keeper was a classic Bullfrog RTS-cum-management sim, casting players as dungeon overlords trying to stamp out the forces of good and sour a saccharine kingdom. Players build an elaborate dungeon to attract and train up naughty monsters from imps to huge demons, but must balance their needs with your goal of squishing do-gooders. It's all jolly bad fun. The original hit in 1997, followed by a sequel in 1999, but EA scrapped a third, which was supposedly titled War for the Overlord.

But look, this new War for the Overworld is so Dungeon Keeper:

Get a taste of the game with the playable showcase for Windows, Mac, or Linux.