Weekend Confirmed 146 - 2013 begins, Dishonored, next-gen predictions

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 04, 2013 11:00am PST

Weekend Confirmed is back for the firs episode of 2013! Garnett Lee, Jeff Cannata, and "Indie" Jeff Mattas are joined by Nikole Zivalich this week to talk about games like Dishonored and the brilliant new indie title, Hundreds. Much of this episode's discussion centers around predictions for the future of gaming, including possible next-steps for gaming hardware and peripherals, as well as what sort of changes might help reinvigorate the MMO genre in the coming years. Finishing Moves wraps up the show, followed by a WildCard edition of the post-show NFL TailGate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 146: 1/4/2013

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  • I think Console manufacturers and 3rd party devs should be REALLY careful in there attempt to fight used games sales. The only way to fight used game sales if to offer additionnal content or extra content ONLY available in the new games. Buying uses games is a RIGHT ! Those folks working for 3rd party devs or console manufacturers, NEVER bought anything used in their life ? I " highly" doubt it. So why us - gamers - should be the ONLY consumers on the planet punished to buy used goods ? If you want us to buy new games, it's YOUR JOB to convince us to do so !

    Beside you don't want gamers to buy used games ? How about NOT CHARGING THE SAME AMOUNT FOR A RETAIL GAME AND THE DOWNLOADABLE VERSION. The other day I was checking the price of some games on Xbox Live. Skyrim was 69.99 Euros ( I'm in Ireland ). IS THIS SERIOUS ? Even on release day, there wasn't 1 single website or store who was selling the game for that much ! Same goes for Nintendo, are they really expecting me to buy 3DS games for 40 Euros via download ? Or Wii U games for 50 or 60 Euros, without ANY online content ? No seriously, if they want to avoid used game sales, they need to seriously amend their current Online business model for games.

  • What I am hoping to see from the next-gen MMOs is that they are more and smaller games, designed with an actual target audience in mind

    I feel that a lot of the effort put into recent MMOs are just a huge waste of resources for a big chunk of their playerbase.

    A few examples:

    * Does every MMO have to have a story? I don’t need two pages of back story when “Joe The Farmer ” wants me to kill all the evil creatures on his field. The stories, in my opinion, comes from what me and my friends experience and we pretty much ignore all lore and story. I think this is how the majority of players play, they ignore the story.

    * The music in many MMOs is really really good. Custom epic orchestra pieces, unique for every zone. To bad many people turn all the music off to hear what their friends are saying on Skype. Do we really need music at all?

    * Some people (like me) live for end-game stuff. After the initial month or so of an MMO, when the majority of people begin to reach max level all the dozens and dozens of leveling zones become obsolete and empty. This is where I feel that the biggest waste of all is for me. Guild Wars 2 has five really cool starting zones, in which you spend what? Two hours in one of them? Why not remove the notion of character, quest and monster level altogether? Make the character progression about something else, like unlocking new spells, items or professions. Make half the amount of zones, but have them be relevant for everybody, all the time.

    These examples would of course not be acceptable for all player types. Some love their lore. Some quit when they reach max-level. But for the type of player I am, most of an MMO is just unnecessary.

  • So I'm just going to quote my own post from last week and link to a news story published today:

    "So the main strategy for platform holders will be A. harnessing existing "itv" providers if you will (ie Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu) and then finding a way to get exclusive content deals. Christian said, the idea of an HBO Go subscription without cable---but even more than that, becoming the content creators themselves, or creating partnerships with tv networks to publish specific shows on a console proprietary service. So you buy your "Playstation/Xbox TV" subscription and you get a curated selection of series and/or 1 or 2 key series.

    Like say, you get new episodes of only True Blood as they come out by paying for Xbox Live in next gen. Or there's like "Xbox Live Ultimate" which is $20 a month and gives you True Blood and Breaking Bad or something. The important thing to remember though is that this only works by funneling it through a streaming service, and not stepping on the toes of companies like Netflix and Amazon.

    Furthermore with said XBLU service, you would be able to access these shows only on a Surface/Windows 8 tablet. That way Sony and Microsoft are duking it out over content rights, and there is a subsidy based on the subscription they're asking users to pay to them, not to a utility company. That is an accurate portrayal of how media convergence could happen in the future."

    Rumor: Sony Creating a “Multichannel TV Service”

    “Few specifics are known about the proposed service,” Variety admits, “but it would be a package of linear channels akin to what pay-TV distributors traditionally provide, only delivered via broadband connection. In contrast to the cable operators who are bound by a geographic footprint, a virtual MSO can conceivably offer TV service to any subscriber nationwide.”

    Interestingly, Variety reports that “it’s unclear whether Sony would have to create additional hardware to activate a multichannel service… or whether a deployment would even be restricted to Sony products.” However, should this rumor prove true, it’s safe to assume that, like Gaikai, Sony’s MSO is likely to be functional on Sony’s upcoming (but yet unannounced) new PlayStation console.

  • My dream MMO:

    1. Make it a Rougelike. If you die you die and you have to start over with a new character. Jeff mentioned pen and paper RPGs, well, if your character dies in D&D he (or she) is dead. I know that character death would give people an exit point and developers don't want that in an MMO, but if there were enough compelling reasons to go back and rich, varied layers of interaction it wouldn't matter. And imagine how much more exciting it would be to get a character to max level, if no one else had ever done it before.

    2. I want an MMO where the things I do in the world are actually done. There isn't a quest giver that stand in the same place handing out the same quest to the next guy in line. Or maybe he is but only one of use gets to complete it. Whether this is handled by the developer through real-time updates, or just randomly generated quests I don't know. I just know I that hate people being able to do the same quest over and over in a static world.

    3. There would be many Jobs in the world that didn't involve killing and those jobs would still be compelling in their gameplay. If for instance, I was an architect/builder, doing that would be as fun as minecraft.

    4. Physics, construction and destruction where physical changes in the world stay constant. If I move a thing from here to there, it stays for all time or until someone else moves it somewhere else. I want to be able to bury my loot in a cave and have it stayed buried there, so if I die I can come back with another character later and get my loot.

    5. Player driven economy like EVE but not so effing spreadsheet like.

  • Just want to let everyone know that Unchained Blades is now out on the 3DS eShop. It's been available for download for the PSP for a couple months as well, so pick your platform of choice.

    Personally, I muck around with a lot of JRPGs, and I haven't been this hooked into one for almost a full year now. If you liked the idea of Etrian Odyssey but found those games too unforgiving, Unchained Blades takes a similar formula but makes it a lot friendlier to the player, like honest-to-goodness automapping and the ability to save anywhere. Characters are story-defined rather than roll-your-own, which is a little disappointing IMO, but that also prevents you from getting screwed over by a non-starter party build.

    It didn't review all that well, so maybe it goes downhill from here, but I've put about 5 hours into it thus far, but I'm finding it really hard to put down.