Weekend Confirmed 146 - 2013 begins, Dishonored, next-gen predictions

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 04, 2013 11:00am PST

Weekend Confirmed is back for the firs episode of 2013! Garnett Lee, Jeff Cannata, and "Indie" Jeff Mattas are joined by Nikole Zivalich this week to talk about games like Dishonored and the brilliant new indie title, Hundreds. Much of this episode's discussion centers around predictions for the future of gaming, including possible next-steps for gaming hardware and peripherals, as well as what sort of changes might help reinvigorate the MMO genre in the coming years. Finishing Moves wraps up the show, followed by a WildCard edition of the post-show NFL TailGate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 146: 1/4/2013

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  • Re: Garnett's Finishing Move question - I don't play anywhere near as many games as many of the gamers I know. I'm fairly selective in what I choose to play, but what I play I will play repeatedly. The original Deus Ex I've played through completely at least 5 times, probably closer to 7 or 8. Over the holiday's I replayed Half-Life 2 and the episodes (probably 4th or 5th time for HL2 proper). I'm currently working through another run with Alan Wake. I played Dishonored 3 times last year.

    Why? For many of the same reasons I rewatch a movie or re-read a book. One, it is a known quantity. I tried, for example, to play Max Payne 3 (I've played Max Payne 2 at least 3 times) but for whatever reason that game failed to hold my interest. It just didn't feel like a Max Payne game to me. But when I pick up Half-Life 2 I know exactly what I'm going to get.

    Two, it is a familiar world, characters, and story. Sure, new experiences, like Dishonored, can be great. But if there isn't anything out that meets my somewhat limited gaming interest, I like revisiting old friends and stories. My like why, when I get together with old high school friends, the same stories keep getting re-told. Remembering where you came from can help you understand where you are.

    Third, I tend to be a game finisher. I don't like to start a game and not finish it; unless I've already beaten that game. So over the holidays, if something had come up and I didn't get to finish my replay of Half-Life 2, not that big a deal. On the other hand, had I picked up some title I'd not played before I would have been much more driven to finish it.

    I get that I may be missing what others would consider great games, but I would rather spend my time (sometimes, at least) with a game I know I will enjoy playing. As for the objection that this is different than a movie, I agree. Movies are much shorter (typically) and therefore less of a time investment. If I watch a new movie and it is bad I have given up a couple of hours. If I play a new game I could spend 10+ hours with it hoping it gets better. Therefore, replaying a game, for me, makes more sense than rewatching a movie (though I do that too).

    But it seems to me that I'm odd in this regard, based on gamers I know. Very few replay games at all and the few that do are mainly doing so for achievements. So I suspect Garnett is in the majority but I also suspect as gaming tech stabilizes (lots of people do not replay Deus Ex because of dated graphics, etc.) more people will replay older games.

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    • Since 2007, I have never not been playing a Mass Effect game. I've played through ME1 15 or 16 times, ME2 at least a dozen, and ME3 4 times. Something about that universe just clicks with me. I like the environments (I even love the big empty planets in 1), I love the music, I love the tone, the aliens, the characters, the technology...just everything. They nailed what I want out of a game. I just love spending time in that world.

      I think a HUGE part of why I keep playing is nostalgia. I bought ME1 on a whim. We were about to be snowed in for a few days and I wanted something I could bundle up and enjoy, to pretend the winter hell outside didn't exist. And it was the most engaging experience I've ever had with a game. I think I keep playing because I want to have that same experience again, even though I know I never can.

      Like you, I am also very narrow in my tastes. I don't like any game Rockstar has ever made, and I've played them all. The only Valve game I like is Left 4 Dead 1. I never thought Halo was anything more than a fun shooter. And I could not find sports games more boring.

      But I LOVE the games that do fit my tastes; Mass Effect, Zelda, Metal Gear, Bayonetta, Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, Final Fantasy, Uncharted. I've never played any of those games only once.