Same sex romance still planned for Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare's latest State of the Game blog for Star Wars: The Old Republic has revealed a few plans for the year, including more end-game content for level-capped players, and an ongoing effort by the developer to add same gender romance between players, as well as NPCs.

Jeff Hickman, executive producer on the game, said that, although same gender romance has been promised for some time, the team had to put it off as going free-to-play took up quite a bit of time, and adding the same gender option is more work than expected. He said they are committed to adding this content and promised that NPCs on the new planet of Makeb in the Rise of the Hutt Cartel digital expansion will be in on the romance as well.

As for PvP, open world combat is taking a back seat to Warzones, but the upcoming 1.7 update will include an as yet unannounced PvP area involving the Gree Enclave. Hickman also said there should be plenty to keep level 50 players busy in the upcoming expansion, which raises the level cap to 55. He vowed that more end-game content is planned throughout the year, although he offered no specifics.