Retro City Rampage hits Xbox 360 and Wii in January

Vblank's homage 'em up Retro City Rampage ploughed into PC, PlayStation 3 and Vita back in October, but the Xbox 360 edition has taken a while longer. Fear not, retronauts, as the taste of all things past will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade in the future, in the distant year of 2013, on January 2.

Vblank made the announcement today on Twitter, with a post which handily doubles up as an opportunity for you to win a free copy if you're a jerk to your followers and retweet it. According to Joystiq, the WiiWare version will also come later in January.

RCR will cost $15, though if you'd rather play on PC you can snap it up now in Steam's holiday sale for $9.99.

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