Spin the Bottle party game coming to Wii U

Those who have been to an awkward middle school party know that "Spin the Bottle" is a classic party game and cooties propagator. The name (and loosely, the concept) has been co-opted by developer Knapnok Games, which is tailoring it as a Wii U game much more innocent than its roots might imply.

Knapnok designer Lau Korsgaard told Joystiq that the game was inspired by the Wii U hardware's second-screen functionality. He says putting everyone's attention on a screen is a "party killer," but sitting in a circle around the smaller screen is more social. Each activity is built around two-person interactions. "Waltz" has players dance while holding a Wii remote between their faces. "Hide the Monkey" has a pair hide the remote so the audience can guess who is holding it, but the remote makes noise when moved.

"I am super fascinated by these games which are innocent for kids to play but become slightly awkward when teenagers and adults try," Korsgaard said. "So yeah, the game will be clean and totally safe for parents to let their kids play. Whether the parents should play the game with their friends is a totally different question."