Survarium dev diary goes back to school

Vostok Games is going back to school in a new Survarium video dev diary to teach the history of the MMOFPS's Black Market faction. And to show off a school environment you'll get to scavenge. Oh! Dual meaning! That's right. Versatile things, words. The video also has a little to say about gun types and upgrades, and locational damage too.

"For example, if you get your arm wounded your shooting and gun control will be affected," project lead Ruslan Didenko explains. "If you get your leg shot, you can't move fast. In case you had bad luck and got both legs injured, you won't have much to do but sit in one place and shoot back. A headshot would still yield instant death."

"The damage of one body part does not at all mean instant character death," game designer Vasiliy Prorok adds. "There can be fractures, bleeding and so on."

Survarium is due to launch as free-to-play on PC "by the end of 2013." Come, watch, learn about the Black Market and the school's tragic history: