The Walking Dead full series $10 on XBLA today

If you've missed out on Telltale's The Walking Dead, today might be a good chance to catch up. The holiday week's rolling deals on the Xbox Live Marketplace have reduced the cost of the entire season to ten bucks, less than half the price of buying each episode individually at full cost.

The Major Nelson blog outlined how it works. As previously reported, the first episode is now completely free. If you get that taste and want some more, all subsequent episodes are $2.50 (200 MSP) each. That means you can spring for every episode for a total of $10 (800 MSP), or finish out the season if you haven't yet.

Like the other daily deals on XBLM, this one will expire soon. For Xbox 360 players, this is probably preferable to the notoriously buggy retail disc.