32-bit costumes coming to Resident Evil 6

This may be the single best thing about Resident Evil 6. You'll be able to unlock new costumes for Resident Evil 6, inspired by the classic PS1-era games. Ada, Chris, Leon, and more can don blocky polygonal wares as they run around the campaign. And in a rather non-Capcom move, these alternate outfits can be unlocked for free.

To get these bonus duds, you'll need to join ResidentEvil.net. And then, you'll have to jump online and participate in the "Zombie Mayhem" event, beginning tomorrow. This event calls for all players of RE6 to cumulatively kill 15 million zombies. Everyone that participates will unlock one costume from this set should the goal be reached.

The rest of the costumes will be unlocked through other online events to be held throughout the coming year. "There'll be lots more opportunities to collect these great nostalgic items," Capcom promises.