Xbox Live Achievements come to iOS via Wordament

For Achievement hunters, one of the most compelling reasons to pick up a Windows Phone is the ability to earn Gamerscore through Xbox Live-enabled games on Microsoft's mobile platform. However, Achievements are no longer exclusive to Windows Phone devices. You can finally earn Gamerscore on *shock* an Apple device.

Wordament is a free word puzzle game, previously available on Windows Phone and Windows 8, now available on iOS. Every version of the game connects to the same servers, meaning Windows players can play against iOS players.

By logging in with a Microsoft account, you'll also be able to earn Gamerscore through the iOS version of the game--up to 50G through 10 achievements. (That's less than the 200G you can earn on other platforms, but at least it's a start!) With Xbox Live apps slowly spreading on the App Store, one wonders if this marks the beginning of a new direction for Microsoft.