Capcom survey gauges interest in new Mega Man games, HD remixes

How would you like a port of Resident Evil Remake for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade? Maybe you'd like a brand new Street Fighter Alpha HD? Maybe you'd want a new 2D Mega Man game running in HD? Capcom is tossing around a number of digital game ideas, and they're asking fans to chime in.

"Obviously, we have many opinions internally and we're looking to gather some data about your buying habits and what franchises and even title types, you'd like us to make in the future," Capcom's Christian Svensson told fans. "So that end, I've been allowed to share this survey with all of you. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time and it's a great opportunity to let your voices be heard directly."

The survey can be found on Capcom-Unity, but Svensson warns that although "this data will be a factor in our decision making process," "there's no guarantees on what the outcomes will be." A few other possible games mentioned by the survey include ports of Dino Crisis, HD ports of Power Stone, an HD remix of Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins, ports of Onimusha, and even brand new games in the Resident Evil franchise. And there's like two whole pages devoted to Mega Man, proving that he isn't exactly dead to Capcom.

Oh, and did we mention Viewtiful Joe? You should make a new Vietiful Joe happen.