Sir Hammerlock DLC for Borderlands 2 coming January 15

The previously rumored Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC for Borderlands 2 has been officially announced by publisher 2K Games, and players will indeed be heading to the new continent of Aegrus to stalk weird new creatures with the robotically enhanced big game hunter. The official 2K Blog didn't offer many details, but the video shows that the new bad guy appears to be a Handsome Jack clone sans the nicely coiffed hair. The new screens show off a few tribal foes and the new "fanboat" vehicle, but the presumably accurate leaked details, such as the number of missions and wild beasts, weren't confirmed--yet. This third DLC pack is part of the BL2 Season Pass, but if you don't have it, be prepared to again drop $9.99 (800 MS Points) when it arrives for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on January 15. See what else you can gather from the new video and the screens below: BOOM video 14422

Click here for the six new Sir Hammerlock images

The new fanboat vehicle