Splash Damage's Rad Soldiers hits iOS worldwide

Splash Damage today officially launched worldwide its first mobile game, Rad Soldiers, following a test release in only a few countries a while back. Available for iThigs of most shapes and sizes, Rad Soldiers is a free-to-play, turn-based tactical, asynchronous multiplayer game that Splash Damage has snappily nicknamed "Guns With Friends."

Rad Soldiers sees two players fighting around London with cartoony class-based squads of customisable men. A bit like XCOM: Enemy Unknown smooshed with Team Fortress 2, or games to that effect. It also packs single-player challenges too, if you'd rather practice before humiliating yourself online.

Splash Damage is having a real crack at free-to-play now, following the regular retail releases of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Brink. For PC, it's currently working on Dirty Bomb, another class-based, objective-driven FPS. Check out the recent debut gameplay trailer for a peek at combat on the streets of London.

Hit up the iTunes App Store to download Rad Soldiers for free, wherever you may be. Look, a launch trailer:

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