Diablo 3 to add in-game cheater reporting

You know how it is. You see someone using a bot or a hack in Diablo 3, and make a mental note to report them later. But by the time "later" comes, you don't remember, or other priorities have come up, so the cheater lives to cheat another day. Blizzard plans on assuaging this problem by giving quicker access to cheater reports inside the game itself.

In a post on its forums, Blizzard says that it recently banned "several thousand" accounts for using botting programs, and cautions users against using hacks or cheats of any kind. "We will also be adding the ability for players to report this kind of behavior directly through the game client in a future patch," the post reads. Giving players tools to report in-game should make the whole "if you see something, say something" process a little easier, ensuring that only the laziest of indignant players will let cheating slide.

Blizzard has been pretty consistently tough on cheaters in Diablo 3, having just broken out the banhammer to deal with a swath of them in November.