Street Fighter X Mega Man out for free

Robovampire Mega Man is squaring off against the fine men and women of Street Fighter today in Street Fighter X Mega Man, a free PC game made by fans with the blessing of Capcom. The official servers are, as you might expect, a little overloaded, so snag the 34MB download here at Shacknews.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is a classic Mega Man platformer, with all those jumpy and shooty bits, with Street Fighter characters as bosses. MM will beat them up, steal their powers, and use them to beat up more Street Fighters.

The game's made by Seow 'Sonic' Zong Hui with music from A_Rival, and a kindly watchful eye from Capcom.

It's part of Capcom's festivities for the 25th anniversary of Mega Man's debut, which will include re-releasing Mega Man 1-6 one by one for download on Nintendo 3DS starting next week.

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