Dirty Bomb, Dead Space 3 - Shacknews Daily: December 14, 2012

Splash Damage today released the first gameplay trailer for its new FPS Dirty Bomb and, as you might expect, it does look an awful lot like the class-based, objective-driven antics of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Brink. Then, the iOS App Store has been updated with a "Best of 2012" feature, which declares Apple's picks for the best content throughout iTunes. According to the Cupertino electronics giant, you should be playing Rayman Jungle Run, its pick for iPhone Game of the Year. Citing "stellar control and stunning graphics," the $2.99 platformer ran away with Apple's top award. Finally, when Dead Space 3 made its E3 debut earlier this year, the early results didn't seem especially promising. But our preview says that the best thing that can be said about Dead Space 3 is that it continues to look ahead, take risks, and further the overall franchise.

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