Late Night Computing: December 13, 2012

Good thing it's not Friday, because its the 13th of December. Wait, that's not right. I'd rather it be Friday. Here's Late Night Computing.

I'm finally enjoying Assassin's Creed Revelations. It took several hours of getting used to some of the gameplay alterations, but now it just feels right. That said, I can't help but notice the horrendous artificial intelligence. Yeah, yeah, welcome to last year, guy! How an enemy can stare you down and not notice your dazzling Master Assassin's armor and heavy weaponry and yet still not trigger the foe recognition is a bit beyond me. Perhaps there needs to be a hardcore mode.

News bits:

  • It's time to fix the expensive, slow Internet speeds in the United States. [via Wired]

  • The CEO of the Major League Gaming organization says there's no reason professional eSports can't rival the NFL, but there is obviously a long way to go. [via PC Gamer]

  • The director of the notorious EVE Online corporation Goonswarm explores the qualities a leader must have in any competitive gaming community. [via themittani]

  • Popular Mechanics plays Nostradamus and predicts the next 110 years. The Encyclopedia Galactica expected soon. [via Popular Mechanics]

  • The CALM Act, which effectively neutralizes commercials louder than the show you're watching, takes effect today. [via NetworkWorld]

Chatty posts of the moment.

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  • "Do you have a game backlog? I know I do.

    Every time a Steam sale rolls around or a big/hyped game releases, I go crazy. I buy everything in sight, partly because I have some disposable income, and partly just because I wanna. Of course, I've fallen behind on playing all of these games due to lack of gaming time and the shear number of titles, and the backlog just keeps growing.

    This is why I'm creating a challenge to whittle it down in 2013! I run a small site where a bunch of buddies and I post about games. I'm using it as a home-base for Scratching the Surface: The 2013 Backlog Challenge, and I'm using a public Google Doc to track my progress. " [by JynnanTonnyx]

  • "So I recently played through Thief 2 and wanted to try out Thief Deadly Shadows and so far hate it. Is there a way to cheat my way to The Cradle level everyone keeps talking about so I don't have to play through this abortion of a game? I mean going from the huge levels in thief 2 with really short load times to very very small levels with long load times is frustrating, not to mention the 'full body movement' that feels like I'm controlling qwop when I am going up and down stairs." [by deathofrats]

Nightly file.

  • Ubisoft releases a patch to update Far Cry 3 to version 1.03, including fixes for multiplayer content, language support, and other content issues. Download the patch here.


Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer trailer:

Take the fight online and battle the entire world with the Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer modes.

BOOM video 14383

ShootMania Storm announces its second beta testing phase with a new trailer and screenshots, Rayman Legends has a demo now available on the WiiU, God of War: Ascension takes a look at some evil multiplayer modes, and enjoy the very first episode of The Wonders of Crysis 3.

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