You Don't Know Jack comes to iOS

You Don't Know Jack just felt right when it moved onto Facebook. The free-to-play trivia experience is moving onto mobile today with the launch of an iOS version. Finally, you can be mocked mercilessly while riding the bus.

The app is a free download that plays much like the abbreviated Facebook version, right down to the asynchronous multiplayer. Players of the iOS game can even play against Facebook players by connecting the app, since the trivia "episodes" remain the same between the two. Signing in with Facebook Connect matches you against your friends, lets you challenge friends directly, and brag about your scores. Jellyvision promises a steady stream of new trivia content, and the game features the fully-voiced snarky commentary from host Cookie Masterson.

The game's free-to-play model restricts your number of games per day, and doing well in the trivia games earns you extra coins you can use to buy new sponsorship commercials and extra games. The coin packs offer 1000 coins, enough for four games, for $1.99, and it scales up to 10,000 coins for $16.99.

"In May, we launched the Facebook version of You Don't Know Jack looking to combine the party-atmosphere of console and PC gaming to the asynchronous social gaming space where people could play wherever they want," said Jellyvision founder Harry Gottlieb, in the announcement. "After six months of tweaking the Facebook game, we're ready for the small screen, starting with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch."